Is more than a book on watch making or a Dictionary combing the modern watch movement with the aged beginnings of keeping time. This book is loaded with images, 40 pages of charts and technological information that will surely open the world of keeping time! after reading the nearly 500 pages you will no longer wonder
what that strange looking tool on ebay is for!

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From the core of manufacturing parts, as well as complete watches with movements, this vintage book will change your entire world! It was this book that I surely studied and in many cases, provided the facts that allow me to restore thousands of time pieces!

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I invested in tons of how to watch books but they just about al were missing the simple basics that you require to understand them.. hence this awesome book!

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you get to not only view a images, but the facts and study can be accomplished even if you never were good at fixing anything....

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And in fact, even if you do not ever use a tool or build a movement or parts from scratch, the facts are it will place
you higher on that pecking pole over most of those whom claim they are watch maker.....

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......when they are the ones whom do the break jobs and tune up cars.. hardly even stepping onto the floor of the factory, content to do nothing more than become parts changers! eiover 400 page

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Believe me, the contents of this book of gold are pretty much a breeze to read and understand, even if you do not ever "do" anything in fact physical.. and become a high;y skilled parts changer......  

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Do not let the pic of tools and equipment fool you into believing that they are """old""".. for every item you see is utilized today! and will be utilized long after we are gone!   

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Note these calipers and measuring devices? YUP, they are still in use....

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As for tools such as the pic above?? Balancing a balance today is no different than 100 years ago!

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Staking tools? yup, still in use but what do you do with them???? Read this near 500 pages world og watches and time and you will not be long from bragging about your knowledge!!

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You can see these very tools on ebay 24/7! imagine being able to just know what they are for and how to use them.....


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Triumph????? I have a set like this. The Lathe is the tool that makes making parts and repairing both watch parts and tools a snap.

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I have a vise like the one at the bottom!! A brand new 10 years ago made in Singapore!

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Timing devices remain the same; there may be newer versions of the old, but they are without a doubt the same barring newer metals and the means to build parts eeven more precise without having to work 30 years for elgin before becoming a true watch maker!

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Working with Jewels can be a snap! This is the way to learn; to educate your self!

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There are plenty of charts and information! 25% is devoted to this from hallmarks to weights and metals and totally more!

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1734 on up??? Imgine that..I cannot say how much I love this book as it was applied directly in marketing and buying before I ever" fixed" my first time piece!!!!!!!

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Yes, assay offices! Did you know that gold, silver and even Platinum were utilized in the wach movements that the rich invested in! And not for looks!

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most of the equipment was actually invented and made by the watchmakers of the olden day!

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I just sold a copy of this beauty several months ago!One og the best and simplest tools for centering and drilling up dmall staff or pinion to receive new pivots...

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Look familiar? an electric clock I stated, this book delivers more than you will ever need or require////.

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And, as I stated, just the info pages on facts anfd things and ways and how to's will assist you...

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Clocks area money maker.. winder why there are hardly any makers??? hell, they have not read this book...........n

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It isnot just how to with tools and infi sheets, but it also is jam packed with information on watch movements into the detail..

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And that detail? in easy to read and understand!

Rock Scarfone